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Essay writing has become a mandatory subject of a degree program. Its importance in all educational institutes is high. Moreover, there is no question about its vastness. It covers all kinds of topics. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that it is the last resort for students to learn academic writing skills. 

Students must learn and follow all the academic writing rules and apply them accordingly. Mostly, the students find it a tedious task to follow the predefined rules related to essay writing. However, it is not entirely the case. Instead, it provides a roadmap to the readers to put the efforts in the right direction. 

Moreover, it is the utmost responsibility of an essay writer to give high importance to the prewriting measures. Usually, students consider following the prewriting measures a time-wasting job and give them secondary importance. Doing so skews the entire writing efforts of the students. 

Understanding the prewriting measures

The term prewriting measures seem new to many. Therefore, highlighting its concept is essential. 

Firstly, students must know that academic writing is not merely putting pen to paper. Instead, it is way more than that. The students must especially give high importance to prewriting measures as it urges the students to develop an absolute understanding of the topic. 

As its name implies, the prewriting measures urge an essay composer to put its head down and think in the right direction as required by the topic. It has high significance as an essay creator does not get stuck in the middle while composing a deep-dyed writing piece. 

Let's highlight the elements of prewriting measures.


It is one of the most crucial stages in academic writing. It demands an essay composer to put its head down and start thinking about the assigned topic. A write my essay service must not have any second thought in its mind other than the assigned topic. In short, the students must focus on the topic's statement. 

Brainstorming is the foremost step of essay writing. It plays a vital role for students in developing an absolute understanding of the topic. It provokes a large number of scattered thoughts in the readers' minds, among which a few may be irrelevant or less important. 

It is the utmost responsibility of an essay creator to mention only those ideas or thoughts that are relevant to the topic. 

Targeting the audience

Every writer tries its level best to compose an engaging writing piece. For this purpose, one of the major steps is to target the audience attentively. Usually, the students at the initial stage of academic writing ignore the importance of targeting the audience. Ultimately, they fail to grab the readers' attention because their entire writing effort goes in vain. 

Presenting a specific detailed writing piece before particular people is essential. Every person's interests vary from one another. For this purpose, a scribbler must collect information about the targeted audience that includes their age, gender, educational qualification, professional career, and interest. 

Once a student knows all the details mentioned above about the audience, the writer will present a lengthy essay. It becomes much easier for a scribbler to make the text compelling and presentable.


It is a fact that composing a thorough writing piece without having ample information about the assigned topic is impossible. Therefore, the students must research the topic to have profound knowledge about it. 

However, the students must try their level best to look for unique pieces of information so that the readers find it interesting to read the entire comprehensive writing piece.

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